fleetwood memorial park gardens

Fleetwood Memorial Park Gardens

Resibond Ltd were involved within Fleetwood Memorial Park Gardens in order to lay down a new paving system in the form of our Resigrip system which is a resin bonded paving system and gives the illusion of loose gravel without the need for any mess as it is stuck down.

The Fleetwood Memorial Park Gardens are situated in the middle of Fleetwood and takes over 13 hectares of parkland. The only town park within Fleetwood it was only in 1917 when the park was renamed as a “Memorial Park” in memory of those who died in World War One.

A memorial statue was added and then memorial trees planted by children who had lost relatives. Now the park has some fantastic facilities in the form of their 3 Crown Green Bowling Greens, children’s play area and a picnic area. There is a duck pond, football pitches and tennis courts which people can use.

Resibond Ltd was asked to come and view the park and to suggest what paving system would be most appropriate and after inspection it was decided that the Resigrip System would be ideal. Now the park is listed as Grade II by English Heritage. Further it has been added to the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.

We implemented the Resigrip System which is a resin bonded paving system available in a wide range of natural aggregates. The system is very economically friendly in that it uses recycled materials such as natural aggregates, marble and glass.

For a memorial garden which is hopefully going to see a lot of visitors it is highly important that the paving used is durable which the Resigrip System is as each system is carefully chosen dependent upon the project.

It gives the illusion of loose gravel stones however, the stones are not loose and are bonded down which means that contrasting areas can be created and no aggregate will be dispersed into these adjoining areas. Tired surfaces such as the one within this memorial garden can easily be given a brand new look as it is extremely versatile.

As this is a memorial garden which is going to be visited by a number of visitors of varying ages, ethnicities and abilities the paving system needed to be wheelchair and pushchair friendly as a requirement and our system fulfilled this criteria.

Why not go and take a look at the stunning gardens sometime? Take a look at the paving system and see for yourself how fantastic it really is! You can find them at:

Fleetwood Memorial Park Gardens
Warrenhurst Road

Posted by Nick Riley on 7th Mar, 2012