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Pleckgate School’s Indoor-Outdoor Winter Garden

There has been much excitement surrounding the brand new Pleckgate High School Mathematics and Computing College which Resibond Ltd has just implemented our Resibond System into their indoor-outdoor winter garden.

The school has just been brought into the 21st century following the re-modelling of the old school through Blackburn with Darwen Council’s £203 million Building Schools for the Future scheme (BSF). This will see all secondary schools either re-modelled or re-built; Pleckgate will be the first of the schools to emerge completed from this scheme.

Resibond Ltd as mentioned were involved within an indoor-outdoor winter garden which the school now boasts. This is a complete winter garden which even has palm trees in it! We used our Resibond system in white and grey as the paving system.

This is a trowelled down, resin bound system available in a wide range of natural aggregates and colours. It uses recycled materials, marble and glass and is becoming an extremely popular choice for use in many projects.

A smooth, aesthetically pleasing and U.V stable surface it is resistant to cracking and is ideal for new build projects just like Pleckgate School. This was such a prestigious project as the school now features a 100 seater outdoor amphitheatre, panoramic views around the area and a 360 seat theatre and dance studio.

Incorporated within the design are a number of eco-friendly features which is why our paving system fits in with their aims as well as it uses recycled materials. Inside the building there are extendable classrooms and fingerprint technology even dinner time is exciting! Dinner time involves cashless catering machines!

There are two floors within the school and these have been split up and colour-coded into various themed sections:

  • Yellow: covers PE, music, drama and media
  • Turquoise: covers art and technology
  • Lime Green: covers science and maths
  • Orange: covers English, modern languages, geography, history and RE

Currently Pleckgate High School can only take 1190 students but following the brand new school being created it can take 1350 students. The indoor-outdoor winter garden will see many students take advantage of, whether it is Art classes who need inspiration, somewhere to sit out on a sunny day or simply somewhere to go with friends.

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Posted by Nick Riley on 28th Feb, 2012