resibond for pathways

Resibond for Pathways

Recently we were contacted by a homeowner who had just recently had some work done on their garden and the only thing letting it down aesthetically was the pathway around the house. They contacted Resibond Ltd to see if our Resibond System would be a solution to their problem.

The pathway as mentioned stretched the full length of the back of the property and when we went to have a look there was already existing tarmac laid down. This tarmac had however cracked in places and was disjointed which could cause someone to trip, fall and injure themselves.

Our Resibond System is so versatile that there was no need for us to dig up the tarmac and cause a mess or any disturbance because we could simply apply this resin bonded system over the tarmac giving it a new lease of life!

Resibond is a trowelled down paving system which we are able to offer in a wide range of natural aggregates, recycled materials, marble and glass. An extremely UV stable and hardwearing surface it is resistant to cracking and so where the tarmac previously cracked this wouldn’t be a problem with this new surface treatment.

Maintenance is something that many people will moan about however, there is no need with our Resibond System because it is extremely easy to maintain and also really easy to clean too. As there was a flower bed situated right next to the pathway the customer didn’t want any loose stones getting into this area but this weren’t a problem because our systems are firmly and permanently bound.

You can see from the images opposite just how much better and more practical the new Resibond System really is when compared to the tarmac.

Resibond Ltd are highly experienced at our resin bonded systems and have already implemented these in many areas from schools, hospitals, workplaces, homes and other applications.

Posted by Nick Riley on 5th Apr, 2012