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Resibond Treepits Are Ideal

A number of councils have already contacted us concerning our Resibond Treepits which provide a perfect solution to any health and safety problems which are commonly associated with tree pits which are associated with open tree pits and metal tree grills.

Unfortunately a number of accidents and incidents have occurred because of exposed gaps in treepits which have open grills and people have tripped or fallen due to the uneven surfaces. Not only is there a potential for accidents to occur but also they provide an area whereby litter, dog waste and other unwanted items such as syringes can accumulate which obviously poses various threats.

The areas over time have become a hassle to clean and maintain and a haven for many weeds. It is this combination which has proved costly to councils. However, it isn’t just councils which are harmed, the general public are at risk and because tree pits encourage de-icing salts to build up and wash into tree roots this proves harmful to the tree.

Resibond Ltd believes that are Resibond treepits are the solution to all of the above problems. They are fully permeable and allow for water to pass through the roots of the tree without the need for watering tubes to be implemented. This is a mix of a flexible but extremely tough Epoxy Resin with specialist natural aggregates.

This special combination results in a hard wearing, natural finish which can complement any environmental schemes or any design themes whilst proving to be the better option regarding health and safety.

If our Resibond Tree Pit system is something you think that you would be interested in the contact us today and let us talk you through it. We have a wide selection of colours and materials and so there really is something to suit all requirements, environmental schemes and design themes.

Minimal disturbance will be caused because the systems are extremely rapid to install and of course Resibond Tree Pit systems come with a full guarantee. Resibond offer a rull range of resin bound systems which are ideal for a number of applications speak to us today about Resigrip Systems and Resibond Systems.

Posted by Nick Riley on 30th Mar, 2012