resin bonded system applied to baxenden gateway scheme

Resin Bonded System Applied To Baxenden Gateway Scheme

Lancashire County Council started a scheme which Park View Landscapes won the contract for. The scheme involved an old paved area which had some over grown shrubs behind a bus stop in front of the Alma Inn Pub.

Park View Landscapes needed to remove the old paved area and then the plan was to implement a new area which would incorporate a new seating area, new shrubbery as well as a new welcome sign to welcome visitors to the area.

When the contractors removed all the old paving they needed some new surfacing in the area and thus Resibond Ltd got involved and specified what we thought would be the perfect solution to their surfacing requirements in the form of our Resigrip System.

We met with the Landscaping Architect from Groundwork Pennine Lancashire, Debbie Boswell who then chose two types of aggregate. Chosen was the 2-5mm Red Brick and the 2-5mm Golden Quartz in the Resin Bonded system.

baxenden gateway scheme examples

This Resin Bonded surface is extremely popular and as we offer it in a number of varying types of aggregates there is something for everyone and every project. In this particular project we laid the Resin Bonded surface on an area measuring 100m² and carried it out within 1 day.

It is an extremely versatile system which can be used to overlay existing surfaces which are tired looking and need resurfacing.  What is a great feature of the Resin Bonded surface is that because it is permanently fixed although it gives the illusion of loose stones there is no hassle and contrasting areas can be created without them mixing or merging into one.

On completion as you can see from the images everyone involved was extremely impressed with what was achieved and now a safe surface has been implemented which is suitable for wheelchair users too!

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Posted by Nick Riley on 21st Feb, 2012