Tree Pits

Resibonds Tree Pit System is the perfect solution to the problems associated with open tree pits and metal tree grills. These methods create many hazards;-

  • Accumaltion of litter, dog waste, syringes etc.
  • Trip Hazards, with grills and surrounding paving often being uneven
  • Difficult to sweep and keep clean
  • Allow harmful de-icing salts to build up and wash into tree roots

Resibonds Tree Pit system is a fully permeable product which allows water to pass through to the roots of the tree without the need for watering tubes. By mixing a flexible yet tough Epoxy Resin with specialist natural aggregates we can create a hard wearing, natural finish that compliments any enviromental improvement scheme.

Resibond Tree Pit system is available in a large selection of colours and materials, it has the added benefit of rapid installation and minimum disruption and of course, a full guarantee.

Tree Pit Diagram