Resibond Surface Treatments for your Driveway!

Choosing to resurface your driveway can often be expensive when you use a traditional method of say brick laying or laying out tarmac. These are the traditional methods of creating a driveway but have you thought about Resibond?

What is Resibond?

In actual fact it is a wet pour resin bound surfacing paving where a clear epoxy resin is used to bind together a wide range of coloured aggregates which are then mixed onsite in an action mixer to ensure every particle is coated.

A resin bound paving system that is available in a wide range of natural aggregates, recycled materials, marble and glass. It is ideal for a driveway as it is resistant to cracking and if you already have tarmac, concrete and other stable substrates it can simply be placed over the top.

When Resibond is applied it is evenly spread and trowelled to provide a smooth surface. The finishing results are extremely pleasing and as mentioned we can offer it in a number of finishes so there is something for everyone’s driveway! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is chosen by many because it is environmentally friendly, low maintenance and extremely easy to clean.

resibond driveway example 1resibond driveway example 2resibond driveway example 3

There are no loose stones and this makes it ideal for a driveway as you won’t have any loose ones flicking up and damaging the exterior of the car. Not only this but it has a long and durable life span and our experts will be on hand to advise on each individual project to ensure that the highest level of durability is achieved.

For driveways at home and driveways in a public place there may be a requirement for a wheelchair to travel over the surface and Resibond is a popular choice for many with the Disability Discrimination Act because it is so smooth.

If you need to resurface your driveway then don’t just use tarmacs, bricks or concrete instead use Resibond!

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Posted by Nick Riley on 16th Feb, 2012